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Utility Payment Plan

Executive Order #124 and #142 Payment Plan The Governor’s Executive Order #124, extended by #142, requires residential utility providers to establish a payment plan to provide residents up to six months grace period to pay any amounts due between March 31 and the expiration of the order, currently set for July 30.  Under the payment … Continued

Water and Sewer Billing Update

Water and sewer customers are urged to pay their bills online via credit or debit card, or by ACH directly from their bank account. Please visit our online customer portal at NEW! You can also pay by phone to an automated attendant.  Click here to learn how! Finally, there is a drop box for cash or checks … Continued

Business Licenses and ABC Licenses

Business Licenses: Based on legislation effective July 1, 2015, with the exception of those selling Beer & Wine and Peddlers, business privilege licenses are no longer issued. ABC Licenses: Per NC General Statutes §105-133.77 and §105-113.79, businesses selling beer and wine are required to obtain privilege licenses from their cities.  A business must obtain a … Continued

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