How do I obtain a new garbage and/or recycling cart?

For new residents to Mebane, you may pay for a new garbage cart when you start your city utility account at the Mebane City Hall located at 106 East Washington St. The fee for the monthly solid waste service and cart are shown in the city’s fee schedule. If you are moving into a home previously occupied, then a garbage and recycling cart should be at the residence.

Once you pay for the new garbage cart, then the Public Works Department is notified of the purchase and a cart is delivered to your house along with a welcome packet of information. The garbage cart delivery will occur by the next business day after purchase.

Since the city contracts recycling material hauling, the contractor will deliver your recycling cart typically the week after you established a city utility account. The recycling cart is paid to the contractor via the city’s contract, thus a Mebane resident doesn’t pay a recycling cart fee.

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