On which day will my yard waste be collected?

Yard waste will be collected on your normal garbage collection day. You do not need to call in for a special collection unless you are requesting a large quantity of yard waste to be disposed of and you want city staff to review the amount to assure city collection of material.

The City will not pick up yard debris from contracted work.

Yard waste is described as vegetative matter resulting from normal landscaping maintenance performed by the homeowner only, including but not limited to leaves, twigs, grass, limbs, shrub clippings, hay/pine straw, pine cones and small logs. City staff prefers that these items be placed in a permanent, reusable can or other receptacle to be provided by the customer. Disposable plastic bags or other disposable containers will be serviced, however, this option is not environmental friendly.

State law requires yard waste to be separated from trash and recycling.

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