What outreach opportunities do you offer to students who are “at risk?”

Our School Resource Officer (SRO) at Hawfields Middle School is able to identify and offer 6th and 7th grade students the opportunity to participate in the Junior Police Academy during the summer. This program is run in conjunction with other SRO’s at other schools within the ABSS system. Students and parents are interviewed by the SRO to gauge their interest in the program before committing. Based on the interview, the students are then carefully selected by the SRO to participate in the program. During the four week program, students interact with participants from other schools, as well as officers and deputies from other Alamance County law enforcement agencies. The program is aimed at encouraging students to make better decisions, build teamwork principles and foster better relationships with law enforcement. For more information about the Junior Police Academy, please contact the Mebane Police Department and ask to speak with our current SRO. 

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