Why revise the current UDO?

The UDO was adopted in 2008 and it has since been revised over the years to reflect emerging municipal goals and objectives, the direction of City Council, best professional practices, and State and Federal requirements. Notably, in June 2021, the Mebane City Council adopted comprehensive text amendments to bring the UDO into compliance with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 160D.  During this process, City Planning staff evaluated other needs of the Mebane UDO and are bringing them to the public, Planning Board, and City Council for consideration.

The UDO revision process will:

  • Update existing and provide new standards to better reflect ongoing development concerns and needs
  • Update the Definitions article, Table of Permitted Uses,  Table of Dimensional Standards, and Zoning Map to reflect the City’s needs as a fast-growing community in a fast-growing state
  • Address structural needs to ensure that the document is internally consistent, modernized, and user-friendly
  • Implement guidance and design principles from the Mebane Comprehensive Land Development Plan, Mebane by Design, as well as the City’s other adopted plans, notably the Bike/Ped Plan and Downtown Vision Plan.
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