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Frequently asked questions

If you currently have a 65-gallon recycling cart and would prefer a 95-gallon cart, please contact the Public Works Department at 919-563-3401 to request a cart change-out. Staff will submit your address to our recycling material collector, GFL Environmental, for changing out the cart. Then, simply leave your recycling cart at the street on your normal recycling collection day and GFL will change out the carts after collection occurred.

Please note that GFL will remove the 65-gallon cart in place of the 95-gallon cart.

Please allow one to two collection cycles for the cart change to occur and leave your cart at the street until at least 6:00 PM on your normal recycling collection day.

Seasonally, the City offers a loose-leaf collection program service for its citizens. The Sanitation Department collects loose leaves beginning in October and continues through early March each year. The program provides residents with the opportunity to have loose leaves collected at roadside without the need of bagging during this collection schedule.

The program operates on a city-wide routing system that is based on city staff completing one leaf collection route of the entire city. Once the city route is completed, staff then returns to the beginning of the same planned route and begins again. A typical loose leaf collection route around the entire city takes about three to four weeks depending on the amount of leaves placed out for collection. This equates to about five complete loose leaf collection routes around the city.

Yard waste will be collected on your normal garbage collection day. You do not need to call in for a special collection unless you are requesting a large quantity of yard waste to be disposed of and you want city staff to review the amount to assure city collection of material.

The City will not pick up yard debris from contracted work.

Yard waste is described as vegetative matter resulting from normal landscaping maintenance performed by the homeowner only, including but not limited to leaves, twigs, grass, limbs, shrub clippings, hay/pine straw, pine cones and small logs. City staff prefers that these items be placed in a permanent, reusable can or other receptacle to be provided by the customer. Disposable plastic bags or other disposable containers will be serviced, however, this option is not environmental friendly.

State law requires yard waste to be separated from trash and recycling.

Bulk items, such as mattresses, appliances, and furniture,  will be collected on your normal garbage collection day.

You do not need to call in for a special collection unless you are requesting a large quantity of items to be disposed of and want city staff to review the amount to assure city collection of material. Please separate bulk items from your regular garbage as these items will be collected using a knuckle boom or rear loaded truck.

The City does not collect debris from building or contract work, which includes tires, shingles, concrete, masonry, rocks, dirt, stumps, logs, hazardous chemicals, paint, or sealed containers.  These items should be disposed of in a complaint and appropriate manner by contacting the Alamance County landfill at (336)376-8902.

Your garbage cart should be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 AM on your collection day. Remove your empty container from the curb by midnight on the day of collection. Carts should not be left on the curb during weekends. Your cooperation in abiding by this requirement helps keep the City of Mebane beautiful.

A cardboard convenience center is available for Mebane residents with excessive cardboard for recycling. The center is located in the parking lot of the Mebane Arts & Community Center at 633 Corregidor St. This center will only accept broken down (folded) cardboard boxes. Cardboard left outside the container will be taken to the landfill. Please properly dispose of trash.

The Public Works Department, Sanitation Division does offer special collection services upon receiving a valid request. Ask your doctor to complete a verification form which is available by calling the Public Works Department at 919-563-3401.

Upon receiving the completed doctor’s verification form, special collection services will be scheduled for the duration agreed upon based on the doctor’s recommendation. This service is typically provided for the physically or elderly disabled. City staff will occasionally request an update from the receiver of this special service, typically via mail, to assure this service is still required.

The garbage cart is purchased by the resident, and as such the resident is responsible for the cart. To aid in locating your cart, the cart is assigned to the address by the cart number located on the front of the container. Call the Public Works Department for your assigned cart number.

Should you not be able to locate the cart, report the cart stolen to the Mebane Police Department. You may need to purchase a new cart if the cart isn’t located.

For new residents to Mebane, you may pay for a new garbage cart when you start your city utility account at the Mebane City Hall located at 106 East Washington St. The fee for the monthly solid waste service and cart are shown in the city’s fee schedule. If you are moving into a home previously occupied, then a garbage and recycling cart should be at the residence.

Once you pay for the new garbage cart, then the Public Works Department is notified of the purchase and a cart is delivered to your house along with a welcome packet of information. The garbage cart delivery will occur by the next business day after purchase.

Since the city contracts recycling material hauling, the contractor will deliver your recycling cart typically the week after you established a city utility account. The recycling cart is paid to the contractor via the city’s contract, thus a Mebane resident doesn’t pay a recycling cart fee.

The City initiated the UDO revisions process in December 2021 by hosting a community open house and introductory presentation to the Mebane Planning Board. The Planning Board meeting video recording and materials are available here.

The City is currently working on gathering survey input from the public (see below for more info!) and drafting the ordinance revisions. Two rounds of amendments will be presented for consideration this Spring, with the first likely to be presented to the Mebane Planning Board at its March 14 meeting, and at a public hearing before the City Council at their April 4th meeting.

The UDO was adopted in 2008 and it has since been revised over the years to reflect emerging municipal goals and objectives, the direction of City Council, best professional practices, and State and Federal requirements. Notably, in June 2021, the Mebane City Council adopted comprehensive text amendments to bring the UDO into compliance with North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 160D.  During this process, City Planning staff evaluated other needs of the Mebane UDO and are bringing them to the public, Planning Board, and City Council for consideration.

The UDO revision process will:

  • Update existing and provide new standards to better reflect ongoing development concerns and needs
  • Update the Definitions article, Table of Permitted Uses,  Table of Dimensional Standards, and Zoning Map to reflect the City’s needs as a fast-growing community in a fast-growing state
  • Address structural needs to ensure that the document is internally consistent, modernized, and user-friendly
  • Implement guidance and design principles from the Mebane Comprehensive Land Development Plan, Mebane by Design, as well as the City’s other adopted plans, notably the Bike/Ped Plan and Downtown Vision Plan.

The Mebane Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is the adopted law of the City that regulates land use and development within Mebane’s City Limits and Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The UDO includes zoning and subdivision regulations in addition to standards for different aspects of development, such as parking, landscaping, lighting, signage, building design, and environmental protection. Bona fide farms are largely exempt from the UDO, per NC General Statutes.

If you do not have water and sewer taps in place, call the Public Utilities Department at (919) 563-3401. If taps are in place and you are setting up new service or transferring service select a link below.

New Residential Service

New Non-Residential Service

Visit the Stormwater page for information about stormwater management in Mebane. In addition, the City has formed a partnership with other local municipalities to educate about stormwater pollution.  To learn more about stormwater and ways you can help, please visit

Click here to see the scheduled recycling collection map.


The City offers a comprehensive benefits package to its employees that includes medical, dental, vision, State retirement, 401k retirement savings plan, and tax-free reimbursement accounts.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections partners with the North Carolina DMV to manage voter registration. You can update your voter registration with them online. Voter registration applications submitted fewer than 25 days before an election will not be processed until after the election. You may still register to vote in person using same-day registration in your county during the early voting period.

To update your driver’s license with your new address in Mebane, visit the North Carolina DMV. The closest offices are in Graham and Hillsborough.

The following transit options are available in Mebane:

  • The GoTriangle Orange-Durham Connector (ODX) bus that travels from Mebane to Hillsborough,  Durham, and Chapel Hill.
  • The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) Route 4 bus that travels from Greensboro to Mebane and Chapel Hill. Both bus routes stop at the Mebane Area Regional Hospital; the ODX bus also stops at Mebane City Hall and Richland Road in Efland.
  • The Orange County Public Transit program offers a bus for those needing service during non-peak, mid-day hours, connecting Mebane and Efland to Hillsborough via US-70 and I-40. In Hillsborough, other transit options are available to further connect riders to Chapel Hill, Durham, and other Triangle destinations. Fares are $2 and free for seniors and small children.
  • The Alamance County Transportation Authority (ACTA) offers rides at request throughout Alamance County between the hours of 5 a.m.; and 5:30 p.m. Rides must be scheduled by phone at 336-222-0565.

There are a variety of public and private schools in and nearby Mebane. You can enroll your kids for public schools in Mebane through the Alamance-Burlington School System.

  • Audrey Garrett Elementary, Mebane 
  • E.M. Yoder Elementary, Mebane
  • Eastern Alamance High, Mebane
  • Hawfields Middle, Mebane
  • South Mebane Elementary, Mebane
  • Woodlawn Middle, Mebane

Efland Cheeks Elementary in nearby Efland is part of Orange County Schools.

To enroll your kids in private schools, contact the individual school:

Mebane is located in two counties, Alamance County and Orange County. Please contact the county in which you reside for delinquent property tax information.

The process for obtaining an initial ABC license to sell beer or wine includes Inspections, approval of the Police Chief, and approval of the local ABC Board before payment can be made and a license issued. Please see the ABC Board’s website for more information.

Once approved, the Finance Department will issue notices of annual renewal every April.

A residential accessory structure that does not exceed 12′ in any dimension can be constructed without having to meet the residential building code requirements. A permit is required to approve the location for meeting the setbacks of the zoning in which the structure is located.

The Mebane Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) serves to implement the Mebane Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan and advise the City Council on how to most effectively serve the bicycle, pedestrian, and related needs of Mebane, as well as to advocate for these needs.

The BPAC meets at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month. The BPAC is a public commission and all of its meetings are open to the public. Contact the Planning and Zoning Department for more information.

You will need to submit a zoning permit. Permit applications must include the following:

  1. a sketch or plot plan of the property with the location and dimensions of the proposed fence, and the distance to property lines measured
  2. a description of the height and material of the proposed fence

Planning and Zoning Staff will review the application to ensure that it meets the fence requirements per section 4-2 C of the Mebane Unified Development Ordinance.

Temporary events require both a fire permit to be reviewed by the Mebane Fire Department and a zoning permit to be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Department.

You may register for programs and rent facilities online using Civic Rec. To use the system you will need to create an online account. If you are having trouble, call us at (919) 563-3629.

Staff requires a two-week review period for all Zoning Permits, after it has been reviewed by the Inspections Department. The entire process takes approximately four (4) weeks. If a permit is denied, it must be reviewed again.

Documents and links to references for the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program are provided for informational purposes to assist you in determining if a permit is needed. Please contact the Water Resources Compliance Manager with any questions and for guidance before completing any permit applications.

Each park and facility page includes a calendar that shows if a facility or field is reserved. Generally, fields are available for open play during park hours if they are not reserved.

The City of Mebane has a plethora of ball fields for rent for your next training, practice, game or tournament.  You can request a reservation online. If you don’t have an account yet, you must first register as a user. After you submit your request, one of our Recreation and Parks Leaders will either approve your request or contact you with questions. If your request is approved you will be prompted to pay. If you are having problems online, we are happy to assist you. Please call (919) 563-3629 for more information.

The Mebane Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) contracts with the City of Mebane to use soccer fields.  The City of Mebane does not organize, operate or supervise MYSA’s program.  If you have questions about youth soccer programs, please visit the MYSA website or email them.

Personal grills are not allowed at our parks. Lake Michael and Holt St. Park have available charcoal grills near the shelter areas for your use.

You may walk your dog at City parks and on trails, but they must be on a leash at all times. Unless exempt, dogs are not allowed in any public meetings, on any of the ball fields, or in any of the athletic complexes.  Most parks have dog waste stations that supply patrons with clean up bags and places to dispose of those bags.  Please clean up after your pets.

Yes. You can buy a license online. You can also get one by calling 1-888-2HUNTFISH (1-888-248-6834) or from any license agent.

The City of Mebane will collect appliances, known as ‘white goods’, such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. City staff will create a work order on your normal collection day to have your appliance collected.

No. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited at all City facilities, including parks, ball fields, and at Lake Michael. (Municipal Code 22-1, 22-12).

No, personal or rented bounce houses are not allowed at any parks or facilities. The Recreation and Parks Director may grant approval for city-sponsored events.

Currently, the City of Mebane does not allow drone usage.  Please email the Recreation and Parks Director for approval.

The Mebane City Council is committed to allowing members of the public an opportunity to offer comments and suggestions. In addition to public hearings, a special time is set aside for the purpose of receiving such comments and suggestions. All comments and suggestions are addressed to the Council during the Public Comment Period during the Council’s monthly meeting. Each speaker will have 3 minutes. However, the Mayor reserves the right based on circumstances to establish a different time limit. The Mayor may also limit repetitious comments in order to enable Council to conduct its meeting.

The City of Mebane’s water comes from the Graham-Mebane Water Treatment Plant that is co-owned with the City of Graham. The plant began operation in 1976 and is located on Graham-Mebane Lake in the northeast part of Alamance County. The lake itself is 718 acres, providing 2.8 billion gallons of storage. The water treatment plant was upgraded and expanded in 2003 and has a treatment capacity of 12 million gallons per day and a treated water storage capacity of 6 million gallons. The Graham-Mebane Water Treatment Plant distributes approximately 3.8 million gallons of water per day.

The City is responsible for water mains and water service lines to the back of the water meter. The City is responsible for sewer mains and service lines to the right of way or easement line. Typically the water meter and the first sewer clean out is located on the right of way or easement line. The customer is responsible for service lines from the meter and/or right of way/easement through their internal plumbing.

Cloudy, Foamy, or Milky Water?

If you are experiencing cloudiness in the cold water, hot water or both hot and cold water the cloudiness is caused by tiny air bubbles. When water temperatures are cold (<50ᵒF) extra oxygen molecules are readily accepted by the water molecule (H2O).  The water and air is then held under pressure in your water pipes, much like a bottle of soda. When you turn on your tap, the pressure is released, allowing the bubbles to appear, just as removing the cap from a soda bottle causes the soda to fizz. If you allow a glass of water to stand for a few moments, the cloudiness will begin to clear at the bottom and rise to the top. This phenomenon is called entrained air and does not affect the quality of your water. The water is perfectly safe to drink.

Brown or Yellow Water?

Brown or yellow water on first draw lasting for only minute?

This could indicate an internal plumbing problem of your house.   Many houses have galvanized iron pipe or galvanized fixtures, when the zinc coating on the inside wears thin, the water comes in contact with bare iron causing it to become discolored. The longer the water stays static in the pipes, the more the discolored it will become. That is why this problem is usually noticeable the first time you turn on the tap in the morning.

Flush the line for a minute or so and the water should become clear.  Iron poses no health risk when consumed.  Iron is an essential nutrient and is only considered an aesthetic issue.

Brown or yellow cold water?

Light yellow to dark reddish brown water is typically caused by a disturbance of pipeline sediments in the water main. The discoloration is caused by dissolved iron which is stirred up in naturally-occurring sediments that exist in all water systems.

The discolored water may be due to planned cleaning of the water main to remove pipeline sediments in your area.

Entities such as Fire Departments opening or closing of a water hydrant for pressure testing located near your home may stir sediment.

Pipeline repair work (or construction activity) in the area can also contribute.

Iron is an aesthetic issue and is not an indicator that the water is unsafe or that the integrity of the water main has been compromised. A disinfectant residual is maintained at all times to ensure that the water is safe for household use, including cooking and drinking. If you experience this type of discolored water take precautions to clear the lines to your laundry facility to prevent articles of clothing from becoming stained. Please call Public Utilities at (919) 563-3401 to report any discoloration that has not cleared within a few hours.

Black or gray water?

When water appears gray or black it is typically caused by a disturbance of sediment in the pipeline.  The discoloration is caused by the presence of manganese.  Manganese is naturally occurring sediment and is an aesthetic issue.  The presence of manganese sediment is not an indicator that the water is unsafe or that the integrity of the water main has been compromised. A disinfectant residual is maintained at all times to ensure that the water is safe for household use, including cooking and drinking. If you experience this type of discolored water take precautions to clear the lines to your laundry facility to prevent articles of clothing from becoming stained. Please call Public Utilities at (919) 563-3401 to report any discoloration lasting longer than 24 hours with internal flushing or clears but returns every few days.

Green color?

Standing water, such as in a white bathtub, will sometimes appear to have a greenish tint to it. Fluorescent lighting can also give the water a green appearance. To test this, fill a white bucket with water and take it outside, there should be no color visible in natural light. If the water still appears green please call Public Utilities at (919) 563-3401.


Black Particles

Black particles can come from three common sources: a broken water filter, a degrading faucet washer or gasket, or a disintegrating black rubber flexible supply line hose (for a water heater, washing machine, or kitchen faucet, etc.).

If the particles are very hard, similar in size and shape, and look like large coffee grounds, they are probably granular activated carbon (GAC) particles from the inside of a GAC water filter that you have installed. Replace the filter cartridge or consult with the manufacturer or the vendor who sold it to you.

If the particles are solid but rubbery in texture, they could be pieces of an old disintegrating faucet washer or gasket. If this is the problem, the particles would likely only be present at one faucet and that faucet is already leaking. Replace the faucet washers and the packing at the ends of the supply lines.

If the particles are small black particles that can be easily smeared between two fingers, or have a tar like consistency, they are probably from the inside of a flexible hose connected to the water heater. These black rubber hoses are covered with a braided stainless steel mesh. Over time, the chloramine in the water causes the rubber to break down.   The flexible line will need to be replaced; we recommend that you contact a licensed plumber to assure that all fixtures meet local plumbing codes.

Brown or Orange Particles

Brown or orange particles can be rust particles that have broken off the inside of your water pipes or the water mains. These particles are very hard, irregular in size and shape, and can be several different colors (including black). This type of sediment is an aesthetic issue and not considered a health hazard.

Another common cause of brown or orange particles in the water is a malfunctioning water softener. The particles will be uniform in size, typically the size of fish eggs, and are brown or orange and feel spherical if rubbed between your fingers. The microbeads are contained within the softening unit by a thin membrane that over time can break, releasing millions of these microbeads into your water lines. If you can locate the by-pass valve of your softener you can temporarily resolve the issue until you can call your service agent for repairs. If the device is not in use you will want to make sure it is not connected up to your internal plumbing, even if the device is unplugged it can affect your water quality.

White Particles

White or tan particles in the water usually come from internal plumbing. This material is pipe scale and is a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Calcium and magnesium carbonates are naturally occurring minerals and are not a health hazard. 

The water heater is another source for white or tan particles. As the water is heated, calcium and magnesium carbonates can precipitate out of the water, forming white or tan sand-like deposits. As you use the hot water, these minerals can be carried along. To keep mineral deposits from accumulating in the water heater, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions of your water heater.

If the white particles are clogging the aerators of faucets, shower heads and appliances they could also becoming from the water heater.  A water heater contains a plastic dip tube that takes the cold incoming water to the bottom of the tank. As the tube ages, it can disintegrate, sending white particles throughout the hot water lines. These particles are brittle and vary in size and shape. They can look like chips, shards or even plastic strips. 

Chlorine or Chemical Odor?

If you detect a chlorine or medicinal odor, it is most likely the chloramine that the Water Treatment Plant uses to disinfect the water to ensure that it is safe to drink. Although the total chlorine level is a fraction of what is found in pools and spas, you may occasionally detect the smell of chlorine in your water. 

Foul / Sulfur / Rotten Egg / Sewage Odor?

If the odor is a sulfur/rotten egg  or sewerage smell that you only smell at the sink and not in the glass you can easily remedy this by applying a small amount of bleach into the drain trap at bedtime and let it stand through the night. Do not run the water until morning to give the bleach time to kill the bacteria (the cause for this odor) in the drain.  This may take more than one application.

  • If the source of the odor is the cold water please call Public Utilities at (919) 563-3401.
  • If the source of the odors is the hot water only, we recommend you contact a licensed plumber.

Visit our problem report portal or call (919) 563-3401 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. After hours call (919) 563-9031.

The City of Mebane can not collect paints and chemicals.

There are two Household Hazardous Waste collections in Orange County:

The Eubanks Rd. Waste & Recycling Center

The Walnut Grove Church Rd. Waste & Recycling Center

Used oil and filters are not collected by the city and must be taken to the Alamance County Landfill located at 2701 Austin Quarter Rd. in Graham, NC. Some auto parts stores also collect these items if you purchased the oil and filter from the store.

Used tires are not collected by the city and must be taken to the Alamance County Landfill located at 2701 Austin Quarter Rd. in Graham, NC.

The State of North Carolina banned TV’s and computers from being placed in the landfill. The Alamance County Landfill accepts most anything electronic based (or most anything with a plug). The landfill is located at 2701 Austin Quarter Rd. in Graham, NC.

Call 919-563-3401 and provide the name of the street and closest address to the pothole.

Our School Resource Officer (SRO) at Hawfields Middle School is able to identify and offer 6th and 7th grade students the opportunity to participate in the Junior Police Academy during the summer. This program is run in conjunction with other SRO’s at other schools within the ABSS system. Students and parents are interviewed by the SRO to gauge their interest in the program before committing. Based on the interview, the students are then carefully selected by the SRO to participate in the program. During the four week program, students interact with participants from other schools, as well as officers and deputies from other Alamance County law enforcement agencies. The program is aimed at encouraging students to make better decisions, build teamwork principles and foster better relationships with law enforcement. For more information about the Junior Police Academy, please contact the Mebane Police Department and ask to speak with our current SRO. 

Metal detector use is not allowed at any City of Mebane property.  This includes all parks, greenways, and trails.

The Planning Board meets in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building on the second Monday of each month, at 6:30pm.

The Mayor is an elected official who presides over the City Council meetings; however, he is not a full time paid employee of the City of Mebane. He may be reached by phone at 919-880-9146 or by email at Mayor

You must submit a request in writing to the City Manager at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting in order to be placed on the agenda. Mailing address: 106 E. Washington Street, Mebane, NC 27302.

The City Council meets in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building on the first Monday of each month, at 6:00pm unless rescheduled due to a holiday.

Mebane City Hall is located at 106 E. Washington Street in Downtown Mebane (the Municipal Building faces the railroad tracks.) Hours of operation are 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Inspectors are in the office between 8:00-8:30 in the AM and 4:30-5:00 in the PM.

Sheds and other accessory structures such as detached garages that exceed 144 square feet require a building permit and a zoning permit. Permit applications must include the following:

  1. A sketch or plot plan of the property with the location and dimensions of the proposed shed and the setback distances to all property lines measured
  2. A description of the proposed shed that includes the material and dimensions (length, width and height)

A residential accessory structure that does not exceed 12′ in any dimension can be constructed without a building permit, but will still require a zoning permit. Planning and Zoning Staff will review the application to ensure that it meets the requirements for accessory buildings and structures per section 4-2 B of the Mebane Unified Development Ordinance.

Any project where the cost of construction exceeds $30,000 dollars. Exception: A homeowner who lives in the home and plans to live there for 12 months may do his own work without a license. A Home Owner Exemption Affidavit is required with the permit. Permit and inspections are still required to determine that the work is in compliance with state and local codes.

Permit fees are based on two components. Building permit fees and utility fees (If needed). See Fee Schedule for cost of your project.

For residential permits, a plot plan at a readable scale on letter or legal sized paper (if needed) is required, and a building permit application must be filled out and submitted to our office. The application will require contractors’ names, addresses, and state license numbers. It is recommended that a drawing or sketch be submitted with the building permit package.For commercial permits, a completed building permit application package, two sets of complete drawings, one site plan, and a completed Appendix B are required.

To schedule an inspection or to pick up an application, call the office of the Building Inspector at (919) 563-9990. Inspections must be requested the day before between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The permit number will be required to schedule the inspection. The inspectors are usually available between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., and between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. for any questions. Inspections are made in the morning and afternoon, but a specific time will not be given. If you receive the voicemail system, please leave a message indicating the job name, the address of the job, and the type of inspection.

To apply for a building permit you must complete the application and submit it to the Inspections Department. When applying for a building permit you must provide a plot plan showing where on the property the structure will be located. In the event that city water and sewer will not be available, you must supply an approved well and septic permit from the County Health Department.

Nearly all Building Permits require a Zoning Permit that must be approved by the Planning Department.

Permit applications may be emailed to or dropped off at the Planning and Inspections office located 102 South 5th Street. The application fees must be paid and a permit issued prior to beginning any work.

The City has adopted long-range plans for development, transportation, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and its historic Downtown. These plans can all be found here.

 Your property may be in the City limits or outside the City limits in an area called the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), where the City regulates land use and enforces the North Carolina State Building Codes but does not collect municipal property tax. The City provides its official Zoning Map in both paper format and online in a GIS portal that shows all municipal boundaries as well as all zoning information.

All Planning and Development fees can be found in the City’s adopted Fee Schedule, which is readopted every July.

Variances are requests from a property owner to not follow the regulations of the Mebane Unified Development Ordinance due to a “hardship” on the property. If that condition was not present, the property owner could otherwise use the property according to its zoning district. It is the responsibility of the property owner to show to the Board of Adjustment at a public hearing that this hardship is a burden prohibiting them from the use of their property.

The  Table of Permitted Uses in the Mebane Unified Development Ordinance will show how you may use your property, given its zoning district. If a use is permitted, it will be labeled with a “Z” in the Table; if it requires a Special Use Permit, it will be labeled with a “CC”” If a rezoning and/or special use is needed, it will need to be considered for a recommendation by the Planning Board and action by the City Council at a public hearing. Per State law, the property also must be posted and the public notified about the request. This entire process takes, at minimum, 3 months

Contact staff! You are also welcome to formally apply for positions on the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission.

We do not accept grey water or black water waste from RVs or travel trailers.  For additional information, please contact the WRRF.

We do not accept waste from septic haulers.  For additional information, please contact the WRRF.

We currently are not providing permit numbers for registration, however we are submitting the completed form to the Alamance County Communication Center for emergency contact purposes.

You should report them to either Duke Energy at  (800) 777-9898 or Piedmont Electric at (919) 732-2123 or (800) 449-2667.

All gun permit inquiries and applications must be obtained from the Sheriff’s Department in the county in which you reside.

Accident and incident reports can be requested via email at or in person, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please allow 3-5 business days after the initial incident for the report to be completed and approved.

If you are a defendant in the case, you must seek authorization from the courts (i.e. Judge’s Order or District Attorney’s office written approval).  

Firearms seized must have a Judge’s Order.

If you are a victim in the case, you may reach out to the District Attorney’s office for written approval or the assigned investigator. 

Liquids, inhalers, aerosol cans, needles, thermometers, lotions, medication from businesses or clinics.

Prescription medication, over-the counter medication, vitamins, samples, pet medication, and prescription ointments.

You must be 18 years of age, High School Graduate or General Education Diploma and live in the fire district.  No previous experience or certifications required.   Mebane Volunteer Firefighter Application. 

Yes, you can request a visit that includes a brief tour of the station, prevention education, firetruck display followed by a questions and answer period.  We schedule individual and group tours.    

We do not allow birthday parties or non-educational events. You can request an educational tour of our department for the birthday group.

Yes, you will need to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau or call (919) 563-5718 to schedule your inspection.

We offer virtual seat checks or in-person checks at 2 locations – Call for an appointment (919) 563-5718
Station 2 – 405 N. First Street
Station 3 – 1469 Mebane Oaks Road

You can contact the Fire Department at (919) 563-5718 and request a copy of your report.

No, we do not allow any open burning inside the City limits of Mebane.

If you placed your cart at the street prior to 7:00 AM, you may call the Public Works Department at 919-563-3401 to request an out-of-cycle collection.

Click here to see the scheduled garbage collection map.

Depending upon the county in which you reside, contact one of the following offices:

Alamance County Board of Elections – 336-570-6755
Orange County Board of Elections – 919-245-2400

For police emergencies, please call 911. For police non-emergencies,  please contact Alamance County Central Communications at (336) 570-6777. To contact members of the police department with general questions, please call (919) 563-9031. To request reports, or hire off duty officer(s) email:

The City of Mebane contracts with GFL Environmental to collect and haul acceptable recyclable material for processing.

View the GFL website here.

Residents in the corporate limits pay both City and County taxes.  Mebane is located in two counties, Alamance County and Orange County; residents should contact the appropriate County for their county tax rate, valuation, tax payment and billing questions.

Vehicle ad valorem taxes are collected by the State on behalf of the county in which you reside. Please contact the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for billing and payment information.

Online: City of Mebane Utility Billing

Pay by phone: (866) 275-2460

Pay in-person: There is a drop box located outside of the main entrance of City Hall; located at 106 E. Washington St.

Pay by mail: Remit payment to 106. E Washington St., Mebane, NC 27302.

Suspected code violations can be reported with the Code Violation Form or by contacting the city’s code enforcement officer by phone at (919) 563-9990.


You can pay at a drop box located at 106 E. Washington St., Mebane, NC 27302 or mail to 106 E. Washington St. Mebane, NC, 27302.

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