Water Quality Preventative Maintenance Program

Posted on November 23, 2021

Beginning on December 7, 2021 and likely continuing through the first quarter of 2022, the following municipalities:  Graham, Mebane, Green Level, and Swepsonville will conduct a routine Water Quality Preventative Maintenance Program. The Graham-Mebane Water Treatment Facility will temporarily change from chloramines to chlorine for disinfection in order to optimize water quality in our distribution systems. The water will continue to meet Federal and State standards for drinking water and is safe for consumption and use.  This event should not cause any disruption of service.  Water users may experience temporary color, taste, and odor during this process, but the water quality will not be affected.

The Graham-Mebane Water Treatment Facility will resume disinfection with chloramines once the maintenance program is completed. It is recommended that customers continue to remove chloramines and chlorine from water prior to use in the kidney dialysis process, fish aquariums and ponds, and with some types of manufacturing practices.

Please contact Graham-Mebane Water Treatment Facility at 336 578-3264 for additional information.

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