Mebane is a smart investment

  • 2,300 acres ready for business  (total number of combined acres available through NCCP, NCIC & Buckhorn Economic Development Zone )
  • 36,000 graduates annually from 20 area colleges and universities
  • Labor force of 1.5 million within a 45-minute drive
  • $65,200 median household income

The Global and Local Business Choice

The City of Mebane offers resources to help local, regional, and global businesses grow intelligently. The advantages of easy global travel, economic incentives, an abundant supply of highly skilled workers, and advanced infrastructure create an optimal business climate.

Global Travel

Two international airports, Raleigh-Durham to the east and Greensboro to the west, are a 40-minute drive from Mebane. In addition, the ports of Wilmington and Morehead City are about three hours away.

Fast Moving Data

Five companies offer fiber, wireless, and cloud-based technology options with the speed and reliability you need to propel your business forward.

Advanced Infrastructure

A solid infrastructure system contains the capacity to meet the needs of new corporations and business coming to the Mebane area.

  • Water is supplied by the 12 million gallon-per-day (MGD) Graham-Mebane Reservoir and Water Plant. The City of Mebane currently has available excess capacity of 4.0 MGD. In addition, two transmission lines and an interconnected distribution system with the City of Graham improve reliability of service and enhance fire flow.
  • Sewer service is provided through a collection system to the city’s 2.5 MGD treatment plant. The available uncommitted capacity is 0.6 MGD. The city’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan includes an expansion of the plant that will add an additional 0.5 MGD of capacity.
  • The North Carolina Railroad runs through Mebane and provides easy rail transport for freight and passengers. In addition, a railroad extension is currently under construction at the North Carolina Industrial Center. The City of Mebane, The North Carolina Railroad, Samet Corporation, and the Alamance County Economic Development Foundation are contributing to construction of the extension.

Economic Development that Works for You

The City of Mebane partners with the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, the Alamance County Area Chamber of CommerceAlamance County, and Orange County Economic Development to help companies discover the best solutions for start-up, relocation, or expansion.

Three economic development zones are available in Mebane. These zones add business value and improve business logistics for the growing regional and global marketplace in the Southeast.

  • North Carolina Commerce Park (1,200 acres)
  • North Carolina Industrial Center (900 acres)
  • Buckhorn Economic Development Zone (1,100 acres)


There are a number of state, county, and city incentives designed to attract and retain quality job growth.

State of North Carolina Incentives

Information about the state’s targeted, performance-based incentive programs can be found at the State economic development partnership website.

Local Incentives

The City of Mebane and Alamance and Orange counties offer various incentive packages designed around each project’s particular needs, including:

  • Cash grants based on new capital investment
  • Start-up grants for initial development costs
  • Performance-based incentives associated with jobs and expansion
  • Infrastructure upgrades and extensions
  • Fee waivers for site and building development costs

Need More Information?

To arrange a visit to Mebane or for more information about available land, buildings, or economic incentives, contact us.

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