FAQ Topic: Public Utilities FAQs

Where does the City of Mebane’s water come from?

The City of Mebane’s water comes from the Graham-Mebane Water Treatment Plant that is co-owned with the City of Graham. The plant began operation in 1976 and is located on Graham-Mebane Lake in the northeast part of Alamance County. The lake itself is 718 acres, providing 2.8 billion gallons of storage. The water treatment plant … Continued

My water is discolored or is giving off an odor or taste, what do I do?

Cloudy, Foamy, or Milky Water? If you are experiencing cloudiness in the cold water, hot water or both hot and cold water the cloudiness is caused by tiny air bubbles. When water temperatures are cold (<50ᵒF) extra oxygen molecules are readily accepted by the water molecule (H2O).  The water and air is then held under … Continued

How do I set up new garbage, water and/or sewer service?

If you do not have water and sewer taps in place, call the Public Utilities Department at (919) 563-3401. If taps are in place and you are setting up new service or transferring service select a link below. New Residential Service New Non-Residential Service

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