Garbage and Recycling Collection


The city's garbage collection is performed on a routing system whereas certain sections of the city are collected on specified days.  Because of the schedule routing, it is disruptive to the set route and expensive for the crew and equipment to return to service properties that didn't place the carts at the street prior to 7:00 AM.

Please be sure to place carts at the street no later than 7:00 AM on your collection day and remove your empty cart from the street by midnight on the day of collection. Containers should not be left on the curb during weekends. Your cooperation in abiding by this requirement helps keep the City of Mebane beautiful.


Recycling the Right Way

The City of Mebane contracts recycling services with GFL Environmental. The GFL collects the recyclables that are in their issued cart every other week. A map and schedule showing the GFL collection routing is provided below and an interactive map is provided above.

Place recyclables at the curb the night before your collection day. Place carts at least 5 feet from garbage containers. Put recyclables in your recycle cart only. GFL will not collect any extra recyclable material outside the recyclable container.

If you are not sure what can be recycled, please do not guess. Review the provided informational guide below. or click this link to the GFL webpage.

Residents may take their e-waste (old computers, televisions, e-games, and old cell phones) to the Alamance County Landfill located at 2701 Austin Quarter Rd. in Graham, NC.


Cardboard Convenience Site

Location: 403 South 2nd Street (behind the Museum)

The City of Mebane provides a drop-off site for residential overflow cardboard. If city residents have more cardboard than their recycling cart can contain, then this site is available for the additional cardboard material.  Boxes must be emptied of any plastic or styrofoam and collapsed  to fit into the slotted container.  Please do not bring trash to this site as we are attempting to keep the material clean so it may be recycled. Should the container become contaminated with non-recyclable material, GFL may need to dispose of the material at the landfill.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is described as vegetative matter resulting from normal landscaping maintenance performed by the homeowner only, including but not limited to leaves, twigs, grass, limbs, shrub clippings, hay/pine straw, pine cones and small logs. City staff prefers that these items be placed in a permanent, reusable can or other receptacle to be provided by the customer. Disposable plastic bags or other disposable containers will be serviced, however, this option is not environmental friendly.

State law requires yard waste to be separated from trash and recycling.

The City will not pick up yard debris from contracted work.

  • Brush items must be cut to a length not exceeding 5 feet and tied in bundles that do not to exceed 50 pounds.
  • Yard waste should be placed at the back of curb (or edge of street) but not in the street.
  • Separate yard waste from other household garbage and recycling.
  • Large quantities of brush will be collected at the earliest convenience.
  • Grass must be placed in a container to prevent clogging of storm drains.

Please call 919-563-3401 to request collection of large bulk items or large quantities of yard waste.


Residents are encouraged to recycle their leaves by composting or shredding them and using them as fertilizer for lawns and gardens. You can also use leaves as mulch to protect plants and shrubs.

Contracted Yard or House Work

It is the responsibility of a contractor to remove all yard waste and construction debris from the property, Right-of-Way, or public easement.

When hiring contractors to perform any yard or construction work, they are responsible for removing any waste or debris. Contractors cutting and trimming trees and shrubs are responsible for removing all tree trunks, stumps and limbs. Be sure to have this debris removal included in the price quote for the job.  Please review the City’s guides and policies for more information.

Loose Leaf Collection

Seasonally, the City offers a leaf vacuum service in your neighborhood. The Sanitation Department collects loose leaves beginning in October and continues through early March each year. The program provides residents with the opportunity to have loose leaves collected at roadside without the need of bagging.

Participation and Routing

The program is operated on a routing system that is based on our staff completing one leaf collection route of the city. Once a route is completed, then staff returns to the beginning of the same planned route and begins again.

  • All sticks, rocks, trash, gravel, glass or other solid matter are to be removed from leaves so as not to damage city equipment. If staff encounters debris in the leaf pile, they will discontinue collection at the property.
  • Leaves are to be placed to the edge of the street in rows parallel to the street. Leaves are not to be placed in ditches, on sidewalks, or in the street
  • as they will clog storm drains during rain events.
  • Vehicles are to be parked away from the leaf pile is not obstructed in a manner that blocks the City’s access to safely collect the leaves.
  • All leaves are to be kept away from storm drains, fences, water meters, and sewer clean outs.

Despite all advanced preparation, adherence to these schedules depends on weather and equipment functioning properly.

In addition to the collection program, residents are encouraged to recycle their leaves by composting or shredding them and using them as fertilizer for lawns and gardens. You can also use leaves as mulch to protect plants and shrubs.

Mebane residents can also use the City's year-round yard waste collection service. Simply put your leaves in clear plastic bags and set them at the curb on your normal garbage collection day.

Interested in Receiving Leaves?

If you are interested in receiving collected leaves, contact Public Works at 919-563-3401. In order to receive leaves, you must:

  • have a clear dump site for the leaves
  • have clear access for the leaf truck
  • be able to receive 25 cubic yards (approximately 3 to 4 tons) of wet or dry leaves
  • understand the leaf loads may have contaminants
  • accept the loads at no charge


Bulk Items

Bulk items such as appliances will be collected only if you call the Public Works Department at (919)563-3401. Please keep such items separate from regular garbage.

Non-Collection Notice

In the event that  Sanitation crews do not collect your trash or yard waste, a non-collection notice will be left explaining the problem. You may contact the Public Works Department with questions regarding the non-collection notice. It is our desire to educate the public about household refuse and yard waste collection requirements.

A State ban on wooden pallets in landfills went into effect on October 1, 2009. Therefore, the City can no longer pickup pallets. Pallets must be disposed of by contractors or vendors. More information can be found on the  N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance website.

The City does not collect debris from building or contract work, tires, shingles, concrete, masonry, rocks, dirt, stumps, logs, hazardous chemicals, paint, or sealed containers. For disposal of these items contact the Alamance County landfill at (336)376-8902.

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