Lumos Fiber Installation: Progress Update for Mebane Connectivity Project

We're thrilled to share an update on the ongoing Lumos Fiber Installation project, aimed at elevating connectivity across Mebane. While we continue our efforts to bring high-speed fiber optic internet to every corner of our city, significant strides have been made in key locations.

Current Sites Under Installation:
1. Community Park: Enhancing recreational experiences with seamless connectivity for visitors.
2. Giles Park: Enriching outdoor activities and community events with internet access.
3. Lake Michael: Providing connectivity for nature enthusiasts and park visitors.
4. Public Works: Streamlining operations and communication for essential city services.
5. WWRF (Wastewater Reclamation Facility): Facilitating efficient management of critical infrastructure.
6. Inspections: Supporting streamlined processes for building and safety inspections.
7. Mebane Police Department: Strengthening public safety efforts with improved communication tools.
8. Mebane City Hall: Empowering civic engagement and administrative efficiency with reliable internet access.
9. ADA Compliant Park and Walking Trails at Cates Farm: Enhancing connectivity for outdoor enthusiasts and promoting inclusivity through accessible amenities and trails.

We're dedicated to ensuring that each installation meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. While some sites are still undergoing installation, we're committed to completing this project swiftly to bring the benefits of high-speed internet to all our residents and businesses.

Stay tuned for further updates as we work diligently to expand connectivity across Mebane with Lumos Fiber. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated as we strive to create a more connected and prosperous community together.


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