Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with the duty and responsibility of enforcing all provisions of the North Carolina Division of Codes and Standards that relates to fire prevention. The Bureau provides services that are aimed at the prevention of loss of life and property. These services include any fire-related permits, plan inspections and review, building inspections and fire investigations.

Plan Inspections and Review

Before any fire alarm, detection, or fire suppressions system, or any flammable or combustible liquids storage tank is installed, enlarged, or altered in any way, plans and specifications shall be reviewed and approved by the Fire Prevention Bureau. The Plan Review Officer serves as the designated enforcement officer and represents the authority having jurisdiction. The Plan Review Officer examines various construction plans to ensure compliance with the North Carolina Fire Code and NFPA Standards. The Plan Review Section reviews items including site plans, plot plans, above-ground storage tank and underground storage tank installations, special use permits (for temporary use not to exceed 90 days), water supply, building construction plans, sprinkler plans and fire alarm plans.  Plans can be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Building Inspections

The Mebane Fire Department conducts inspections of the City’s roughly 700 commercial occupancies (businesses, schools, institutions, apartment buildings, etc.) to ensure that conditions at those properties are in compliance with the Fire Code. Annual safety inspections are one of the lowest-cost resources available to protect your property and the health and lives of your employees and those who visit or occupy your business. This inspection program is part of the reason the City of Mebane enjoys an extremely low fire loss rating, with the additional benefit of lower overall property insurance rates compared to other cities similar in size.

Fire Department Fee Schedule and Permit Application

Fire Investigation Unit

The Fire Investigation Unit is charged with the responsibility to investigate the origin, cause, and circumstances of undetermined, incendiary, suspicious fire, bombings, and bomb threats, along with all fires where serious injury or death related to fire occur. The unit also shares in the responsibility of the issuance of permits and safety of pyrotechnic displays, in accordance with the general statutes of the State of North Carolina.

For more information or non-emergency calls, please contact us at (919) 563-5718. For emergencies, dial 911.

Fire-Related Permits

Any fire-related permits may be obtained through the Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau. Open burning is not allowed inside the city limits. If you live outside of the city limits and would like to obtain a burning permit, click here to be taken to the North Carolina Forest Service website:


Jamie Joseph
Deputy Fire Marshal

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