Planning Board


The City of Mebane Planning Board is an advisory body that makes recommendations to the City Council on planning matters such as long-range development plans, land use studies, rezoning requests and text amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance.

The Planning Board meets at City Hall on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m., as business warrants. You can access the regular meeting schedule for 2024 by clicking here. To be heard at a Planning Board meeting, a complete application with associated fees must be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department at least three weeks prior to the meeting date.

The Planning Board consists of nine members, six of whom are residents of the City of Mebane and appointed by the City Council, and three members (two from Alamance County and one from Orange County) are residents of that area which is within one mile outside of the corporate limits of the city and are appointed by their respective County Commissioners. All positions are for a term of four years. Vacancies occurring otherwise are for the unexpired term. When vacancies occur they will be published in the local paper and applications will be accepted from those who live within the designated area.

2024 Regular Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, January 16  Monday, May 13  Monday,  September 16
Monday, February 12  Monday, June 10 Monday, October 14
 Monday, March 11  Monday, July 8 Monday, November 18
 Monday, April 15  Monday, August 12 Monday, December 9


 Planning Board Member  Representative Area  Term Expires
Colin Cannell City 2027
 William Chapman  City  2027
 Keith Hoover  ETJ, Orange County  2027
 Kurt Pearson  City  2025
 Gale Pettiford  ETJ, Alamance County  2024
 Susan Semonite  City  2027
 Judy Taylor, Vice Chair  City  2025
 David Scott  ETJ, Alamance County  2025
 Edward Tulauskas, Chair  City  2025
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