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Police Staff Contacts

Staff Members

Terrence Caldwell Chief of Police (919) 563-9031 Ext. 201 Email
Jeremiah Richardson Lieutenant (919)563-9031 Ext. 204 Email
Allen Byrd Assistant Chief of Police (919)563-9031 Ext. 202 Email
Adam Cole Lieutenant (919)563-9031 Ext. 203 Email
Dorothea Rosencrans Patrol Sergeant (919)563-9031 Email
John Franklin Patrol Corporal (919)563-9031 Email
Erica Cherry Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Brice Sessoms Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Joshua Shumate Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Christopher Snell Patrol Sergeant (919)563-9031 Email
Daniel Nielsen Patrol Corporal (919)563-9031 Email
Sedrick Jones Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Ryan Foster Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Kemp Kimrey Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Jackson Brinkley Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Paul Davis Patrol Sergeant (919)563-9031 Email
Larry Underwood Patrol Corporal (919)563-9031 Email
David Dodson Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Gary Burnette Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Jessica Lopez Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Cory Harmon Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Ryan Cook Patrol Sergeant (919)563-9031 Email
Rodney Ward Patrol Corporal (919)563-9031 Email
Stephen McCormick Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Jacob Wrightenberry Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Maria Dimas Patrol Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Travis Crowder Criminal Investigations Sergeant (919)563-9031 Ext. 217 Email
Tyler Berry Criminal Detective (919)563-9031 Ext. 216 Email
Neal Dickens Police Services Specialist (919)563-9031 Ext. 219 Email
Michael Holub Criminal Detective (919)563-9031 Ext. 215 Email
Joshua Hall Narcotics Detective (919)563-9031 Email
Joseph Moody Animal Control Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Jake Petersen School Resource Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Linda Currie Records Clerk (919)563-9031 Email
Russell Suitt Traffic Enforcement Officer (919)563-9031 Email
Kristen Bowers Accreditation Manager (919)563-9031 Email
Candice Bailey Evidence Technician (919)563-9031 Email
Olivia Brown Records Clerk (919)563-9031 Email
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