Operations Division

The Mebane Police Department operations division is the largest division of the police department, comprised of 30 Sworn Patrol Officers, 2 Police Canines, and 1 Sworn Traffic Enforcement Officer.

Illustrative Examples of Work

  • Patrols areas in the community exhibiting both high and low crime incidents; meets and talks to people in the community about their safety and support; checks security of buildings and residences; apprehends and arrests offenders
  • Investigates traffic accidents; uses measurement devices, eye witness accounts, and determines violations to be issued; assists motorists in the exchange of information; provides information to insurance companies regarding accidents
  • Serves criminal papers and warrants and subpoenas; locates people indicted for crimes; serves warrants, orders for arrest, and criminal summons
  • Enforces speed limits by active patrol and monitoring heavy speeding areas for visibility
  • Tracks people violating traffic laws, vehicle registrations and inspections laws, and other traffic offenses
  • Conducts criminal investigations by gathering information, processing crime scenes, and interviewing witnesses
  • Responds to domestic situations; attempts to resolve conflict by recommending solutions

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is made up of four teams working a twelve hour rotating shift. Each patrol shift is supervised by a Sergeant and a Corporal. The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all calls for service, crime prevention, traffic enforcement, motor vehicle collision investigations, and community engagement.

Patrol Team - Alpha


Sgt. Davis
Officer Dimas

Patrol Team - Bravo

Cpl. Underwood
Cpl. Nielsen
Officer Burnette

Patrol Team - Charlie

Sgt. Cook
Officer Sessoms
Officer Wrightenberry
Officer Dodson

Patrol Team - Delta

Cpl. Ward

Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Enforcement Team is assigned to the Operations Division and their goal is to maintain the safety of the motoring public. Traffic Officers receive specialized training to better equip them for their assignment such as Lidar Operation, Accident Reconstruction, etc. The Traffic Team conducts selected traffic enforcement, educational outreach, and traffic checkpoints. If you have any traffic concerns, contact one of our traffic team members to discuss the concern and develop the best solution strategy.

Officer Suitt
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