Support Services Division

The Support Services Division provides assistance and support to the community and all teams of the department. This Unit is comprised of the Criminal Investigations Division, Animal Control, School Resource Officer Program, Records Division,  Property and Evidence, Accreditation, and Internal Affairs.

Animal Control

Mebane Animal Control is responsible for enforcing city ordinances and laws pertaining to the welfare and control of animals within the city limits of Mebane. Enforcement activities range from investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty and neglect cases, violations of rabies, leash and nuisance laws and investigating potential dangerous dog complaints.

Officer Moody

Criminal Investigations

The Investigative Services Division, which is made up of general Investigators, is responsible for the majority of follow up investigations. These investigations could include, but are not limited to homicide, assaults, robbery, theft, burglary, financial crimes and juvenile crimes. This division also responds to major incidents to process the crime scenes in order to aid the investigation.

Sgt. Crowder
Detective Dickens

Property and Evidence

The function of the Property and Evidence Bureau is to receive, store, track and dispose of property and evidence that is collected by officers of the Mebane Police Department. Attention is given to preserving evidence for possible future laboratory examination, as well as for court room purposes. The staff maintains chain of custody for prosecution purposes and serves as a liaison to the public in the return of property.

Property is released to the rightful owner or their designee with proper authorization and a valid photo identification (such as a driver's license, ID card or passport), by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled so that staff is available at the designated time to release property. The Property and Evidence Division is not always open, as staff spends a significant amount of time processing property and researching cases to determine what can be released to its’ rightful owner. To schedule an appointment call 919-563-9031.

C. Hudson


The Records section is responsible for processing and maintaining the integrity of all police reports, traffic citations, and criminal complaints that officers generate each year. The Records sections is part of the Support Services and is overseen by the Support Services Commander.

Records Bureau is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. The Records section is a good source of general department information. Please feel free to contact the Records section for any questions, as our staff will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to the correct department. You can reach Records personnel by phone (919) 563-9031 or email

L. Currie
O. Brown

School Resource Officers

The roles of an SRO are identified as law enforcement officer, law-related counselor and law-related education teacher. Throughout North Carolina, School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are working to make schools more orderly, ensure safe and more secure. In its research of School Resource Officer programs in North Carolina, the Center for the Prevention of School Violence has found that, in most places, SRO’s are employees of local law enforcement agencies, and agreements between school systems and law enforcement describe the partnerships which the school systems and law enforcement agencies must maintain so that the SRO’s can be successful. Mebane Police Department has four full time School Resource Officers working within one middle school and three elementary schools.

Patrol Staff
Cpl. Franklin
Officer Cherry
Officer Lopez
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