Message From The Chief

Welcome to the Mebane Police Department. We’re delighted to have you step onto our virtual doorstep and explore the heart of your community’s police department on the MPD webpage. We are committed to our mission of safeguarding the vulnerable from harm, securing community stakeholders’ property, and approaching our work with a sincere and noble heart of service.

I sometimes refer to our officers as ‘Mebane Knights,’ modern-day protectors drawing parallels to those heraldic knights of ancient times who pledged solemn oaths to protect the realm. The badges we wear symbolize the connections to those honorable knights of old who were charged with patrolling and safeguarding the realm. Similarly, each of our MPD Mebane Knights strives to ensure the safety and well-being of our community stakeholders, business and faith-based leaders, and visitors to this fantastic city. Our oath is a pledge each of us takes to provide equitable constitutional police service, which I humbly submit is strengthened by honoring the nobility of our profession.

Guided by a focus on our mission, we are your partners in creating a thriving community. Our team is dedicated to providing professional, respectful service that promotes the dignity of those we interact with, regardless of what brought about that interaction. Our strong bonds with you enhance the appeal that makes Mebane such a desirable place to live and work. Officers participate in community events like Coffee with Cops, National Night Out, and neighborhood watch programs, showcasing that we’re your neighbors in blue, ready to lend a hand and listen. Your department is supported in this endeavor by a diverse team of officers and professional civilian staff, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Mebane. Our commitment to meeting your needs is evident in every interaction, from navigating difficult situations to offering a friendly hello or helping you identify the appropriate resource to assist and meet your needs.

The City of Mebane’s ‘Positively Charming’ moniker is more than a motto – it’s a commitment to serving a community that inspires us with the support we receive from you. That support is characterized by a shared warmth, and resilience. We’re proud to keep that charm alive, one safe street and friendly interaction at a time, so come say hello! Please consider getting involved in our neighborhood watch program, sharing a cup of coffee with an officer, or reaching out with your questions and concerns. We’re here for you, Mebane, and we invite you to explore our services. You can help us meet our mission when you discover ways to actively maintain safety by remaining vigilant for suspicious activities and contacting us when you need us.  Engage with us and inspire others to do the same. If you are reluctant to take the first step in building connections, we are happy to meet you where you are as a way of getting to know us and letting us get to know you. Reach out for a presentation, assistance with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CEPTED), or to explore a professional career in law enforcement.

In closing, I want you to know that every interaction, every call, every person served – that’s where our mission comes alive. Mebane Police Department is dedicated to being a benchmark department other organizations look to as a model agency. We do this by intentional focus on delivering professional police services you can trust. Share your needs, concerns, and ideas with us. Let’s build a safer Mebane together. – Mitch McKinney, Chief of Police

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