Mill Creek Jr. Golf Camp

The Junior Golf Tour is a great chance for young golfers to be exposed to golf for multiple weeks over the summer. This program allows for instruction for all skill levels with the emphasis on having fun and learning the game of golf. Mill Creek and the Mebane Recreation & Parks Department have partnered to offer this program with many instructors with years of experience teaching junior golf.

Daily activities

Monday of each week we will meet at the Mill Creek Golf Club putting green at 8:15 am. We will begin the week chipping, pitching, and long game lessons. We will have a skills challenge with each lesson set. We should finish up at approximately 11:45. Parents/Guardians are always encouraged to stay, but we certainly understand work schedules and drop off can be as early as 7:30 am each day if needed.

Tuesday of each session we will meet at 8:00 at one of the golf courses listed on the schedule below. Players will begin the morning learning how to prepare properly and warm up for a round of golf, how to maintain the pace of play, and how to prepare for tournament competition. Ages 6-9 will play a 5-holes competition and ages 10-15 will play a 9 hole competition. The play usually finishes around 10:45. (Parents/Guardians are encouraged to stay and walk with the kids.)

Wednesday we meet back at Mill Creek Golf Club at 8:15. This time is spent on more instruction about the overall golf swing and how it works for each individual. We try to keep an 8 to 1 ratio of student to teacher depending on the participation. We will have a bunker lesson, with a skills challenge, and a rules Q & A. We should finish up at approximately 11:45.


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