Parks, facilities, and trails

The City of Mebane is proud to have over 350 aces in its nine beautiful parks for its citizens that include a plethora of amenities that satisfy the community's wants and needs. These amenities include twelve ball fields, nine tennis courts, five playgrounds, over 4 miles of trails and multi-use paths, two pocket parks, and many other recreation opportunities within these parks. The City truly wants to offer the opportunity for all citizens to be happy and healthy.

Recently, the City has added the Cates Farm Park trail system, which is two miles of trails, .5 of which is chapel hill grit, and 1.5 miles of natural surface trails in the woods. Thanks to our Sponsors, the Cone Health Community Fitness Court was open in the Spring of 2020 and offers another great way to be active and stay fit. No matter the type of park you are looking for, you can find it in Positively Charming Mebane. Come see our scenic parks today, and do not forget to tag us in your social media post @cityofmebanerec. We can't wait to see how much fun and excitement you had during your visit.


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