Trails & Greenway

Lake Michael Park

Walking trails at Lake Michael Park :

  • Yellow: JJ Knox Trail (.75 mile)
  • Blue: Mason Hall Trail (1.05 miles, one way)
  • Red: Nature Trail (1.25 miles, one way)

Mebane Greenway

The City of Mebane is excited to open the first leg of an extensive greenway system before the end of 2022. The greenway will connect the city for safe pedestrian traffic. The first section of this project will connect Corregidor Drive and 3rd Street  for roughly 0.8 miles of approximately 10-feet wide accessible paved trails.

Walking and biking in Mebane

Trails vary in length from 1 mile to just over 4 miles, and will take walkers through various parts of town, typically via well-marked, well-maintained city streets with good sidewalks.

This Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan provides a broad vision, strategies and actions for the improvement of the bicycling and walking environments in Mebane.

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